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About Us

Australasian Health Development Network

AHD Network was developed by Ros Sambell and Amanda Devine.  Ros and Amanda are motivated by the shared passion and willingness of various industry sectors to constantly aim for very high standards in service delivery.  With support of like-minded experts, quality training and resources can be at your fingertips. Health is a result of a variety of determinants and Health Development reflects the adaptive response required to maintain or improve health of clients in your sector.


To facilitate improvement in population health by supporting the growth of new and emerging leaders in industries that are in the business of caring.


To ensure that future generations are left a legacy of population wellness by strengthening excellence in health development networks through quality applied information services.

AHD Network provides three supporting pillars to take your industry to the next level via training, mentoring and resources, which support best practice. 

AHD Network is about helping you care for business if you are in the business of caring!


1. Nutrition Training

Ros and Amanda have nearly 60 years’ experience as Public Health Nutritionists.  The point of difference in this training is its practical application and contextualisation to your industry. These sessions can be conducted onsite or at a training venue near you. The sessions are customised for staff or client needs. Please click here” for a comprehensive list. All modules are designed to be responsive to the group’s needs.

2. Menu Review's

A comprehensive menu review that determined food group compliance based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013).  This can be done for a weekly, fortnighly or monthly menu's.  Feedback includes suggested modifications, reoort, aggregated shopping list and updated menu for display.

2. Breakfast Club

New and emerging leaders have already gathered a wealth of expertise and knowledge in different areas; why not share this knowledge with your colleagues.  AHD Network mentoring program allows you to select you areas of expertise and these are cross matched with other leaders. The mentoring program ensures that your skill set is aligned with international leadership competencies.  You can request either a one off skill set update or you can work with one or a variety of colleagues to extend and share your industry knowledge.  Please click here” for more details.

3. Mental Wellness

"Knowledge is Power" - stated Francis Bacon in the 1500's, this has never been more relevant at a time where we are trying to raise awareness of the importance of mental wellness and of equal importance the understanding of management of mental wellness in the workplace.  According to recent statistics 1 in 4 people will experience mental illness at some stage in their life.  Employees need to be equipped to manage their own and other's mental wellness.  A knowledge and understanding of the principles of mental wellbeing, the effect of mental wellbeing on the individual and community, and how mental wellbeing can be maintained or improved is critical in today's workplace. "click here" for more information on Mental Health First Aid training and internationally accredited modules.