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AHD Network is the answer to your training needs for the aged care sector

Leaders across the Australian Aged Care sector are typically dedicated, diligent and passionate about providing quality care services while working in the context of a rapidly growing aged demographic and increasing consumer expectations.

AHD Network provides your service the opportunity to move ahead of the rest, market a competitive edge when offering unique services which are facilitated by our training and improve service delivery and efficiency. The needs of aged care residents are often highly complex. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, over 75 per cent of residents are 80 years or older, over 50 per cent have dementia, almost 80 per cent have been reported as having mental health conditions, approximately 40 per cent of residents that had been diagnosed with dementia also have a diagnosis of a mental illness, and 87 per cent (almost 9 in 10) of those residents with dementia require high level of care. 

Face to face in-house service training will improve the skill set of your workforce making them more responsive, efficient and effective to the changing landscape of emerging issues of ageing. Please "click here" for a booking enquiry.

The AHD Network can provide effective training and support in:

Please "click here" for a booking enquiry.




Have a go day ! - I want to thank you very much and the rest of your team for your support yesterday. All your help leading up to the event also was greatly appreciated. Your team made such a great effort which led to the overall success of the day.

Jennifer McManamon

Marketing Co-ordinator
Silver Chain Group