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Online Menu Planning Tool

AHD Netowrk can provide a comprehensive menu evaluation that determines adequacy of food group provision for clients whilst they are in care based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG).  This information will also provide evidence for your centre's accreditation in Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Framework if you are in the early years sector, Standard 2 and 4 for the aged care sector and can assist with food provision calculations for other sectors.  You can choose to enter your own recipes or we can enter these for you.

Online Menu Planning Tool click here to register for 12 month subscription $199.00 

Included in the price : 

  • Printable recipes on standardized recipe sheets (from recipes entered)
  • Printable menu plan for centre display
  • Weekly shopping list – that groups ingredients
  • Menu planning report for food group provision by age group based on the ADG serves, excellent resource to demonstrate food provision for accreditation purposes.
  • Suggestions for food group improvements when reports are run, responding to low or high provision
  • Continued database storage

The main benefits of assessing your menu is to reduce expenditure on ingredients by reducing wastage. Unpublished research demonstrates a potential saving of 25% of your total food budget by simply having a menu planning system and responding to food preferences of the clients.  For instance, if you are currently spending $400.00 per week on food then you can potentially save $100.00 per week which totals a saving of $5200.00 per year. At the same time feeling reassured that you are providing adequate food group serves and thus optimising nutrition for the clients in care, a win – win situation for all!

Ideally food service guidelines suggest that services should have a four week seasonal cyclic menu (16 weeks).  This means that a centre has a four week menu for summer, autumn, winter and spring that contains seasonal food, this ensures food is cheap and has the optimal level of nutrients.  Each four week menu is rotated three times, which completes the 12 month cycle.

 "contact us" if you would like more information or you would like to discuss using this tool for your industry.